What is Hashbon Pass?

What is anonymous KYC?

What can I use my Hashbon Pass for?

Do I have to pay for getting an NFT Passport?

Do I have to pay fees before or after passing verification?

What happens if I lose access to my wallet that is storing my NFT Passport?

Can I verify more than one NFT Passport?

Can I delete (burn) my NFT Passport?

How long do I have to wait until my data is completely deleted by the verifier? Who is responsible for following GDPR procedures?

Do verifiers have any restrictions for who can pass their KYC?

Can I edit my information?

What happens if I change my legal name?

Will I have to regularly use my NFT Passport to avoid it getting burnt?

Can anyone get a NFT Passport? Are there any limitations?

What information will be publicly stored on the blockchain?

What information will be stored by verifiers?

Can I transfer my Hashbon Pass to another wallet?

Where can I see my NFT Passport?

Which wallet can I use for Hashbon Pass?

If I have a DeFi service, how can I profit from integrating Hashbon Pass?

What is Hashbon?

Who has Hashbon partnered with?

Are there any development plans for Hashbon Pass?

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